Curious Kitchen & Bar
Press Curious Kitchen Tropicana Avenue Rooftop

Curious Kitchen Tropicana Avenue Rooftop

Words: Monica Tindall Photos: Rich Callahan

Set on the second-floor rooftop of Tropicana Avenue, Curious Kitchen offers an expansive, garden-lined al fresco dining area. With these beautiful skies we’ve been enjoying lately, and outdoor dining said to be safer than indoors, it’s a fantastic place to consider a meal.

Three distinct spaces spread across the rooftop with a bar, grill area, and kitchen perfectly set up for private events. There is plenty of space between tables furnishing privacy even in the open setting. 

Co-owner Mark Lee says they make an earnest effort to provide a quality product at a good price. They want to build a sense of community, hence the selection of sharing dishes. They hope to achieve a friendly neighbourhood vibe and offer affordable luxury in their menu, service and atmosphere.

We immediately feel welcomed here. The outdoors lifts my spirits, and the staff have a natural warmth and casualness in their approach. It’s just coming on five in the afternoon, and the bar area already has a cheerful crowd.

Quinoa Salad (RM 20) is a pretty bowl of separated ingredients. Organic red and white quinoa, carrot, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, lettuce, Japanese cucumber, corn kernels and craisins are arranged around the plate. A light lemon basil vinaigrette brings the flavours together. It could be a shared side to a meatier dish or a meal on its own.

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